Standard cleaning wipes (like Lysol wipes, etc) work great on controllers and consoles. You might need Q-Tips and/or toothpicks if things are really gummed up. It really depends on what you have to clean up on them I suppose. » 10/14/14 8:38pm 10/14/14 8:38pm

That's funny...that how I weened my mom on to an iPhone with a Gameboy and then a DS. My mom was a serious Tetris junkie for a while there and Dr. Mario too. She made the transition to iOS after realizing she wanted her own computer (she was always afraid of using my Dad's machine in case she screwed it up). But it… » 10/09/14 4:02am 10/09/14 4:02am

Yeah, that's exactly my take (re: making stuff like that "taboo" is more likely to increase the allure for kids). I'd rather deal with that stuff with him and talk about it than have him seek it out at friends or watching it on Youtube, etc. » 10/09/14 3:36am 10/09/14 3:36am